7 Wet Weather Yacht Activities You Can Do

There is a lot of tropical rainforest in Singapore. It is not unusual for the weather not to rain during the monsoon seasons. Since the beginning of the recent Chinese New Year about a month ago, it has rained almost every day as of late February 2023. There are also occasional storms, and even floods in some areas. People remarked they could place toy boats a little bit or even treat it like a swimming pool.

Yacht charters are not necessarily grounded or off limits. Some slight drizzles still enable yacht captains to sail the guests to Lazarus Island, and Marina Bay area. Nonetheless, unless the yacht charters have to be called off by the yacht captain, here are some yacht activities you can do indoors:

Karaoke Leisure

First and foremost, we have an indoor karaoke singing set that plays the most recent renditions of songs from English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese, Korean, and other languages. The fact that this karaoke room is covered is the best part. You won’t even have to worry about getting wet in the rain!

There is a karaoke function on our Maximum 2 yacht, and the lighting is lovely yellowish. If you want, there is also a small kitchen with a sink where you can do some basic cooking. Additionally, this function room can be utilized for team activities. Birthday parties, bachelorette parties before the wedding, corporate events—you name it—would all work well here.

The superyacht ship Star Of The Sea also has a ktv set on the upper deck. Although the karaoke is the area’s primary amenity, that is also a place to unwind. Nevertheless, when the weather outside isn’t great, it’s a great indoor activity for guests of all ages to participate in.

Cooking Lessons

As long as the crew gives you permission to use the kitchen, it would be a great idea for you to organize some food sessions with new recipes. With the help of the chef, you can make a new cocktail or appetizer. But before you can use the kitchen, make sure you check with the crew to see if they have given you permission. The crew members primarily use the kitchens on our yachts. Most of the time, guests use the BBQ pit instead, but half of the deck is outside and very susceptible to getting wet in wet weather.

Wine Appreciation

Audiences over the age of 18 can participate in this wine appreciation activity. It’s a great way to get people who are interested in the same kinds of wines together.

Corporate Team Meetings

Do you want to hold only team meetings for the company on the yacht? In any case, the dining table that is set up for meetings inside Star Of The Sea is perfectly adequate for your needs. Individual chairs are also available to facilitate business meetings. The tables on the Maximum Yacht and the Valencia Yacht are smaller, but they also work well for events like corporate retreats and team meetings to talk about future plans and directions.


Regardless of the weather, chartering with Valencia Yachts is certain to produce memorable experiences. You can anticipate excellent service from our captain and service crew even inside. When compared to a mega cruise, a yacht charter is a much more intimate type of event. As a result, the captain and the other staff members of the yacht are more likely to go above and beyond to provide you with services that are more tailored to your needs. Now is the time to charter with Valencia Yachts and take advantage of the warm welcome, even in the rain!

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